Hello!  My name is Jessica, and I live in the DC Metro area.  I love traveling, burgers, and art.  I graduated from James Madison University with a BFA in Painting & Drawing in 2007. 

My pieces are most often comprised of mixed media to include acrylic and oil based paints on primed canvas.  Oftentimes, I incorporate more unorthodox materials like glue and silk fabric cutouts into my work to achieve greater depth, texture and nuance.  Never quite knowing how the finished product will look, I allow intuition to guide the process. 

I frequently experiment with black ink and Sharpie marker on small, primed canvas panels.  I typically use these small pieces as a testing ground for concepts that I may eventually wish to create on a larger scale.  But many times, I find that these pieces prove interesting in their own right.

If you are interested in discussing/purchasing anything, please reach out to me by email --


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